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Computer Network Solutions

In today's ever changing business environment, the line between computers and telephones has been blurred. We will help you put together a network that will allow you to effectively marry both your computer network and your telephone network into one seamless business system. If computers are your issue, we will create a computer network for your office that incorporates a clean use of both software and hardware and does the work for you.

Office Technology Center understands that your business depends on technology for success - everything from computers and software, internet and wireless capabilities, to mobile office solutions. We will give you the support of a nationwide technology solutions company, with the personal touch and responsiveness of your own local service provider. 

  1. Network design, monitoring and maintenance

  2. Premises wiring

  3. Remote monitoring

  4. Wireless network solutions

  5. Design and planning of desktop and server migrations

  6. Design & implementation of LAN/WAN networks

  7. Hardware and software installation and support

  8. Network cabling

  9. New technology deployment

  10. Network security

  11. Network recovery


  1.    Flexible Growth

  2.    24/7 Customer Service

  3. Certified Technicians

  4. Support & Training

  5. Plug and Play