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Office Technology Center proudly serves Houston, TX, Austin, TX, Beaumont, TX and their respective surrounding areas. Our communications consultants have built tremendous success on thorough planning, engineering, quality of work and high attention to detail. We will customize a technological solution that meets or exceeds your expectations. We guide our customers through the following key processes:

  1. Analyze the scope of the project and identify all advisory personnel

  2. Set implementation or proposal schedule and prioritize all objectives

  3. Analyze shared resources and connectivity

  4. Analyze current software and hardware

  5. Identify potential cable obstacles, distance limitations or interference issues

  6. Identify Wide Area Network, including connectivity options, i.e. PRI ISDN, T1, Frame Relay

  7. Review remote communications needs

  8. Provide support for all proposed and existing voice and data locations

Adds, Moves, Changes

Office Technology Center changes when you do. When you move, we move you. When you move to add phones, Computers or make changes, we do it for you.

Installation & 24/7 Support

What's the point of installing new equipment if you don't know how to use it. At Office Technology Center we not only install equipment. but we train you on it and then stand by it with the most comprehensive 24/7 support in the business. Whether its night or day, our techs are available to answer questions or go on service calls. Ask about our comprehensive ongoing service plans when we do your next installation.

Maintenance Agreement

A Maintenance Agreement insures you get extended warranty protection for your telephone and voicemail equipment. A good maintenance contract allows you to budget all of your repairs and avoid any unexpected costs to your system. Most of our Maintenance Agreements include free technical support and depending on the system, remote service from our techs.

The most important aspect of your Maintenance Agreement is fast service you get priority over others when it comes to repairs or even adding new equipment.

Our contracts cover regularly used equipment such as Computers, phones, cards, cabinets, jacks, cables, and cords as well. Our contracts run from 1 to 5 years.

With a Maintenance Agreement you get the most important coverage of all peace of mind.

Services Overview

  1.   Business Communications Consulting

  2.   Reduce Monthly Telecom Expenses

  3.   Telephone Systems VOIP/Analog

  4.   Sales

  5.   Installation

  6.   Service

  7.   Training

  8.   Relocation

  9.   Leasing

  10.   Voice Mail

  11.   Station Additions

  12.   Computer Networking

  13.   Voice/Data Cabling

  14.   Copiers

  15.   Flat Screen Televisions

  16.   Surround Sound

  17.   Business Software

  18.   Service Protection Plans